Feeling equally worthy

We know from experience that in some families there is a human being who stands out and has special needs. These are the wonderful families we have a loving focus on and fight for.

If you have any wishes for products or aids, you are very welcome to send us an email. Our goal is to involve our customers and users into our product development and design stage for increasing their self-esteem and to facilitate their everyday life.

We aim to improve the everyday life experience of all people with special needs.

Our Story

The Story of VALTER nicknamed 'VALE'

In 2016, our family was blessed with a baby boy that would prove to be something special, and who inspired us to create 'VALE Designs' for adding positive value to our society.

Our Team

Fully committed Professionals

VALE is managed by a competent and motivated team of individuals with complementary skills and expertise, and fully dedicated and passionate about this wonderful project.

Our Models

Meet our wonderful Models

VALE's models are lovely children with wonderful personalities and unique characteristics that represent our typical customers and the daily challenges they are used to experience.

Mission and values

Designing your Everyday Self-Esteem

VALE's goal is to give people with special needs the same clothing opportunities as everyone else so that they can fit in all environments.

Patented designs

Designs Protected by Patents

All our Collections are protected by a Utility Patent, which protects our products against other companies imitating, using, making, selling or importing them without our express permission.


Socially and Environmentally Green

All our collections are made in Europe with the highest quality possible and following the best European and Worldwide Standards and practices.