VALE Designs

Adaptive Clothing

Stylish and functional designs in sustainable materials

Fashionable clothes for people with special needs

We give people with reduced mobility the comfort and style that they deserve.

Current collection: Children between 3 and 12 years old
Upcoming collection: Adults & Seniors (coming soon)

Designs with plenty of useful and functional features

Assisted Dressing

for people who need help getting dressed

VALE is a Danish Brand with the ambition to give people with special needs the possibility to wear premium Adaptive Clothing with a combination of great functional features and fashionable and sustainable designs.

We cater for two main groups:


Individuals with physical disabilities or limited mobility

Giving users equal opportunities to dress stylishly and fashionably despite their special needs, while minimizing the need to be touched and handled. This increases their sense of well-being and enhances their social skills and self-esteem.


Family members, healthcare and nursing staff

Simplifying their daily activities in dressing and undressing situations, while speeding up the process and reducing the need for heavy lifting. This increases caregivers' productivity, improves the overall working environment and reduces the number of physical work injuries.

Long sleeves, short sleeves and Tank / sleeveless


Featured with an extensive array of inclusive details for facilitating your everyday life, these styles are made in the softest and most comfortable organic cotton for being used over extended periods of time directly in contact with your skin.

Easy On, Easy Off Bodysuits!

Bibs & Scarves, Dresses, Shirts, Sweatshirts and T-Shirts (long/short sleeves)


Made in soft and comfy materials that children will love to wear, these tops have plenty of exclusive adaptive features and unique styling details that will make them your child's favorite outfit.

Made from breathable and natural organic cotton.

Leggings and Pants


Designed with a special and unique character, these bottoms will result in outstanding functional and stylish pants. Packed with exclusive details to facilitate your everyday life while still looking stylish and trendy, you will never want other trousers again for your loved ones!

Beautiful and Unique Designs.

Patented designs with unique details

Passionate inclusive designs for children with disabilities

Testimonials from Customers
My everyday life has become much easier and gentler due to the smart design of VALE clothes.

I now avoid heavy lifting when I must dress the boy I look after. With the new clothes, I can avoid pulling the shirt down over his head and upper body. Instead, I just put the sleeves on and roll him over on his side to button the shirt at the back. The same applies to the pants when they go up over the hips.

In addition, the blouse is smart as it has no back and therefore no folds at the back. This avoids the risk of him getting pressure sores when sitting in his wheelchair.

The pants have made things easier when he is at the bandage specialist or doctor and they need to check his legs, because we avoid having to transfer him from the wheelchair, as we can just zip up the pant legs while he is sitting in the wheelchair.

So all in all, the clothes have made it much easier and gentler for both parties in our everyday life - so thanks to you VALE 💜
— Vh Stenze (disability helper)
Finally a great product!

My son keeps his good mood because the doctors can now examine him without lifting and/or being totally exposed. It's a relief that we can now manage hospital visits and medical examinations without me having to comfort an unhappy child afterwards.
— Stine Aagaard
Wow, these clothes are just gorgeous!

I also think that your mission and values in the company are so fantastic, and when the quality is top notch, it's just recommendable 😍
— Carina Rudolfsson
Lightweight and comfortable.

The trousers are easy to put on and have a smart look. The product is soft and smooth to the touch and you can tell it's good quality.
— Inuk Jakobsen

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