Hello, fellow parents and caregivers on this extraordinary journey!

Today we're going to dive into a topic that speaks to the heart of our shared experiences and how to connect with others with special needs experience.
Join us as we explore the importance of building a supportive community and the strength that comes from understanding and embracing each other's unique stories.

The Power of Shared Stories

Over time, as a parent of a child with special needs, I have discovered the immense power of shared stories. Every challenge we've faced, every triumph we've celebrated becomes a thread in our collective experience. By opening up and sharing our stories, we create a bond that transcends words.
A connection that says: 'You are not alone'.

Building a Supportive Community

A supportive community acts as a beacon of strength. Connect with other parents who are facing similar challenges. Online forums, local support groups or community events can be wonderful ways to share insights, exchange advice and offer a listening ear.
Together, we form a network that understands the nuances of our everyday lives.

Celebrating Diverse Journeys

Our community is a mosaic of diverse experiences. Every child has a unique story, and every parent navigates special needs with their own set of triumphs and challenges. Embrace this diversity; celebrate the differences that make our community vibrant and resilient.

Learning and Growing Together

Being with others allows us to learn and grow together. Whether it's discovering a new dressing technique, trying out innovative assistive technology or simply finding comfort in shared understanding, our collective wisdom propels us forward on this experiential journey.

Offering and Receiving Support

Be as open to offering support as you are to receiving it. Your experiences, insights and encouragement may resonate with another parent. Similarly, be receptive to the wisdom shared by other caregivers. It's a mutual exchange that strengthens the bonds of our community.


When we connect with other people, we find a reservoir of strength, understanding and shared resilience.

Let's show love and connect with others so that together we can create a vibrant community that flourishes through shared understanding.

Text by Anja Højte (Valter's mother)

Hugo Perdigao
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