Care Instructions

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Take care of your clothes

At VALE we aim to make beautiful and long-lasting products, but to help the product keep it´s glow we recommend you follow the advice below when treating your garments.

Please read the care instructions carefully before wash
and keep in mind that the temperature on the care labels is the highest temperature the product should be washed at

Always wash before use
there is a risk of excess color in new clothes

Wash your clothes inside out
this helps the product to retain the condition and quality you bought them in, also after several washes

Wash with similar colors
to avoid searing of colors

Close all buttons and zippers and empty pockets before washing
to avoid damaging the garments

Use the correct amount of washing powder and avoid overfilling the machine
you must be able to turn your hand above the clothes in the drum

Avoid tumble dryer when drying your clothes
the tumble dryer wears out the clothes and makes them shrink

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