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Partnering to shape a more inclusive and dignified society

In a world where inclusivity and accessibility are paramount, it's imperative to recognize the strides being made by companies dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities or special needs. 

VALE UNITED emerges as a beacon of collaboration, a collective effort between VALE and other esteemed organizations within our community who share the same mission and values in providing comprehensive support and resources to our dear customers. At its core, VALE UNITED represents a powerful synergy of companies committed to crafting innovative solutions and fostering new opportunities aimed at enhancing the overall quality of life for our special users and caregivers.

In recognizing the diverse and evolving needs of our community, VALE UNITED is dedicated to connecting our customers with a curated network of partners that offer products and services tailored to their specific requirements. All while enjoying the convenience of a centralized platform.

Whether it's adaptive clothing for people with special needs, like the innovative designs offered by VALE Designs, or healthy and ready-to-use tube feeding meals, or fun and stylish accessories to personalize wheelchairs, or even institutions specialized in mental health rehabilitation for both the users and their families, we strive to present a comprehensive array of options to enhance the lives of our users.

By facilitating access to these complementary resources, VALE UNITED aims to empower individuals and caregivers with the tools they need to navigate daily life with confidence and ease

Gone are the days of isolated efforts; instead, we unite our strengths to amplify our impact and affect meaningful change on multiple fronts.

Additionally, this collaboration also lies in its ability to galvanize a collective voice within our community. 

By joining forces, we not only raise awareness on a larger scale but also cultivate more effective communication channels to advance our shared goals. Through VALE UNITED, we aspire to bridge gaps and dismantle barriers, ensuring that the needs and rights of individuals with disabilities are not just acknowledged, but defended and supported.

Our vision extends beyond mere advocacy; it encompasses a strategic approach to engagement with key stakeholders. From politicians to municipalities, hospitals to institutions, and beyond, we seek to foster meaningful dialogue and catalyze action among decision-makers. It's time for these influential players to recognize the depth of our commitment and the scale of our impact.


Tube feeding meals made from natural ingredients

Bellyfood meals are all about giving people with feeding tubes the opportunity to get real food in their stomachs. Their meals consist of ingredients that are familiar to the stomach and similar to what the rest of the family eats.

Bellyfood meals help the tube fed person to have a complete meal experience and the relatives to include the tube eater in the normal meal on an equal footing with the rest of the family.

The meals are suitable for children from 3 years and adults and have an average energy content of 110-112kcal/100g. They are also organic, lactose-free, without additives or preservatives, no added sugar and low in gluten.

Stylish and functional wheelchair accessories

We dress to look our best, so why not make our wheelchair look its best too? RehaDesign offers a wide range of fun and great accessories to enhance your wheelchair experience. 

From different kinds of gloves, to elegant pushrim and tire covers, to smart customizable spokes and reflectors, lights, backpacks and rain protection... these cool accessories not only add flair, but also improve the functionality and comfort of wheelchair users.

RehaDesign ships worldwide from their website.

Specially designed winter mittens

The Rumlii mittens are specially designed winter mittens that take into account the motor skills of children aged 1-4 years.

The mittens are designed in Denmark by Martin Niemann, who previously worked as a nursery teacher for over 10 years. The mittens have a round shape that leaves room for the child's fingers, so they automatically shape themselves to what the child wants to grab.

They are made from 70% wool and 30% acrylic and tested for harmful chemicals. They're lightning fast to put on, no left or right, no thumbs to mess up, and they support your child's intuitive approach to play and movement.

Moving the body changes the brain

Scandinavian Center of Neurodevelopmental Movement (SCNM) is a NeuroScientific learning and brain rehabilitation Center for Children with Special needs and their families. The Center is based on the Anat Baniel Method for Children, Neuromovement™.

SCNM offers supervision and training to children with special needs, as well as supervision of parents who home train their children in accordance with section 32 of the Danish Service Act. They also offer special training courses targeted at parents, relatives or professional groups related to neurophysiological training of children with special needs.

Smart and customized scarves

Uniqap is a Danish brand that offers customized scarves handmade in the Netherlands. With unique designs and fabrics of very high quality with absorbent properties, they are made for people aged between 8 and 88 years old. They come in multiple different colors, patterns and sizes for optimal comfort, longevity and easy maintenance.

Feel dignified, feel confident, feel independent with the unique scarves from Uniqap.

Proudly supporting the world of CDG

World CDG Organization (WCDGO) is the unified voice of people living with CDG. 

CDG stands for Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation, which are a large group of rare inherited diseases affecting glycosylation. It affects cell function in most organ systems to varying degrees, so children will often display abnormalities in liver enzymes, digestion and absorption, glandular function (i.e. thyroid), blood clotting, and immunologic function (infectious susceptibility).

WCDGO aims to transform the world’s understanding of CDG and advocate for those living with CDG to improve their lives and those of their families. They act by providing a strong common voice with governments, researchers, clinicians and industry to promote research, diagnosis, treatment and services for CDG.

Indeed, VALE UNITED represents more than just a collection of niche products or isolated initiatives. It symbolizes a growing sector comprised of specialized professional companies with a shared dedication to driving social change through economically viable businesses. 

As we continue to expand our collaborative efforts, VALE remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering inclusivity, accessibility, and empowerment for all.

Together, we stand united in our mission to redefine possibilities and create a world where every individual is valued, celebrated, and supported.

Do you want to join VALE UNITED and spread the mission all around the world? 

You can contact us through our Contact page and select ‘VALE United’ as the subject.