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At VALE, fulfilling your expectactions and ensuring your ultimate satisfaction when interacting with our products and services is key to us. We have a strong commitment to building and maintaining a culture of transparency and honesty within our organization at all times. We also have a duty of care to all our employees and other stakeholders, and we take these responsibilities very seriously.

Therefore, we strongly encourage our employees, partners and customers to speak up and tell us about any eventual unfortunate experience you may have had with VALE and that made you believe we are not living up to our commitments. We will always protect whistleblowers in our organization.

Fill out the form below to anonymously let us know if you've had an unfortunate experience buying or returning a product from VALE, if you've seen a breach of our policies or violation of the law, or if you want to alert us to an online store, possibly copying VALE's patented designs.

All inquiries are treated confidentially, and you are free to choose to add contact information if you wish to be contacted in connection with your inquiry.

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